Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Out

Will be taking some time out from writing for a while as am going through/solving/ some crisis at the moment. I can foresee a seriously long, dark walk ahead.
Many changes in life that you have always hear and watch people facing it but never know it will happen to you.
At times like this, people will try to assure you this and that, but in order to protect yourself, you will not be able to trust or believe anyone as you never know who is the one lying through their teeths.

But you might never know, I might just need the blogging more and more for my daily therapy dosage, so do stay tune ya.

On a lighter note... will be watching Harry Potter tomorrow... yay......hopefully that could bring some temporary cheer and lighten things up a bit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review on Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus & Other Eye Makeup Hauls

As mentioned by NicNic, I bought the MM's Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus last weekend.
My main needs and concern with mascara is that it must NOT smudge as I have oily eye lids.

(sorry, the pic isn't very clear)

The mascara's comb is quite unique as it is 2 sided (the coil side which is suppose to frame the eyes & obtain the eyeliner effect and the comb side, to create long separate lashes).
It is formulated with deep black fibers.
And it claimed to be water proof, sweat, sebum & tear resistent.

So I tested it out for a few days and I quite like the masacra actually.

Pros :-
1) It DOESN'T smudge despite me using it for long hours (thumbs up!)
2) The black colour is quite intensified
3) It really does obviously lengthened my lashes after 2 coats
4) Easy to comb even the side and short lashes

Cons :-
1) A bit hard to remove (I can still see some smudges the next morning even tho I cleaned it a few times...) Can anyone recommend a good eye makeup remover? I am currently using Fasio's.
2) Lack of "volume" effect.

Not sure whether I will re-purchase it though. Afraid all the rubbing to remove it will give me MORE fine lines.. and permanent panda eyes the next morning :( Maybe it's just me and my eye-makeup remover?

During the weekend, I bought a few other eye make-up stuff :( :-

Kiss Me Good Lash Perfect Base
(perhaps combination of this and my MM's masacra will be better?)

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Smooth Eyeliner
(I am a fan of Kiss Me products as it is quite long lasting. As mentioned earlier, since my lids tends to get oily, I have yet to find a good, smudge proof eyeliner pencil for my lower lid despite trying out many branded liners). Shall review on this after I have tested it k? Cross fingers.

My SIL managed to go to the Kanebo warehouse sale ( which I didn't get to go as I was not around !!!! sob sob).

Anyway, she got me this Kate Deep Eyes eyeshadow. The colour is quite nice as it is light enough for daily usage but dark enough to give me the light version of deep set look. (brownish/greyish)

And guess what? She got it for about approximately US$2.80 only!!!! What a bargain rite?