Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey everyone!
Gosh, I have gone missing for like nealy 1.5 months. I wonder if anybody is still reading this blog or remembered me?

For those still following,I know you guys are waiting for my posts on my Japan trip and the big move I made thereafter.

However, today I will write on something else. Something that has made me inmobile for the past 1.5 weeks and to pre-warn you readers that have been taking things for granted like me.

One fine morning on my 5th day after my move, I was happily walking to the train station. As I crossed the traffic light, not too far away from the station, I could hear and FEEL something behind me, and before I know it, my bag was snatched and in an instant, I was flying off together !!

The stupid STUPID idiot man dragged me together with his bike as my hand was still holding on to the bag firmly. Without realising, I was dragged on the road for a distance. On the TAR road can you imagine!
I only managed to knock into my senses when I saw the main road coming and I said to myself, dear God, I have to let go .

My dress was torn till it was soo obscene for me to even stand up can you imagine.
My legs, my thights, my hips, my hands, my toes, my heels are all wounded.... total nightmare ! Losing everything in an instant, my cash, my handphone, my keys, my mp3, my everything !

What's worse, the pain of the wounds thereafter.
I cried and cried each time my wounds needs dressing and cleaning up.
I cried when the wounds got stuck to my pjs and I have to peel it of the next morning.
I cried when I can't move when I sleep because all sides are injured.
I couldn't even wash my own face.

Though I am feeling better now, but I don't know how I will be able to gain the courage to walk alone again.
The more I think about it, the more I worry. It's scary to know that things like this happens to me in my very own country. I have never felt so afraid in any other country I am in.
I am sorry , I am not trying to frighten the overseas bloggers from coming here, but one needs to be extra extra cautious especially when there is an influx of legal or illegal foreign immigrants in our country.

The doctor who treated me immediately that day said I am very lucky as there was another snatch thief case a week before me. The IDIOTS actually slashed the shoulder of the victim with a machete before snatching the handbag ! Can you imagine????omg... Some even said, after they were dragged, and when they let go, their head knock a stone and died thereafter. omg!!!!
Also, there were cases whereby when you drive back home alone at night, there will be ppl waiting to surround you when you come down from your car to open the house gate.
Te more stories I hear, the more I am worried. How am I to survive if I have to worry every single minute?
Gosh,,... i wanna go home :( :(

Many have advised me to be careful of snatch thief, to be careful of pickpockets, to be careful and alert.
But never in my life will I imagine that it will actually happen to me.

But of course I need to thank God that I still have my life. Thank God that I do not have major internal injuries.
I thank God that my head and face was protected.

This scary nightmare is something that I will never never EVER forget and I do pray that I will be able to walk and run smoothly again soon.

Hope all are well tho. Merry Christmas. God bless.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty pretty hairbands

I know I bid my short farewell in my last post, but I just wanted to show you all this lovely lovely hairbands that I simply couldn't decide on which to buy when I was window shopping online.
Which do you prefer?



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

November is just round the corner!

Sorry for the lame title. But that is what I am feeling right now.

I can't wait for November ! But I can feel things are moving soo fast, by the time I know it, it will be end of the year. Gosh, how I wish I can stop the time.

So many things and sudden plans have pop up this past one week, and I just realised I will be away for nearly the whole month of November from this weekend onwards !!!!!!!!

Will be off to a small town a further away for the seafood, den back to the city for an event, den off to PD for the beach/sun/catching up time, den off to Hong Kong, den off to Japan for nearly 2 weeks (can't wait , can't wait)
DEN, it's time to pack and make the BIG move (sigh, sigh)......

Anyway, that aside, I know I am suppose to post up reviews on my other Kiehls products (sorry, will do that when I am back and er, settled down...). I will not be bringing my notebook along when I am away, hence do forgive me if I goes missing for a while, but I do hope I will be able get in to the net wherever I am to give you all an update and keep track on you guys.
I will be back with hopefully nice pictures for u all.

Meanwhile, hope you all have a great month ahead  and do take care !

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nihon here I comeeeeee!

This is just a sudden, impulse decision.
I will be heading to Japan for holiday in a few weeks time!!!!! wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

So, if you have any suggested places that you think I should go for the below items, would appreciate if you could let me know as I still do not have any concrete plans yet but most like I will be in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara or Osaka...

1) Places to shop for makeups, skincares, clothes and shoes!
2) Local yummy goody food
3) Main tourisy places that I should focus on
4) Suggestion of hotels or ryokan
5) Any other things?

God, don't let me get lost in this big City of yours :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TFS Greentea Blackhead Remover Gommage Pack

I was in The FaceShop earlier today to get some mask sheets, but instead I came out with a tube of the Blackhead Remover Gommage Pack.

It's a creamy formula said to remove pore clogging debris and sebum around the nose without overstressing the skin for the smoothest and cleanest skin.

- Contains green tea, chestnut, licorice

Well, firstly, let me say that I do not have much blackhead problems around my nose, but more of the irritating white heads and clogged pores.

The Gommage is more like a paste as it is a bit harder to be called cream (something like those clay mask texture?). Anyway, I left it on a clean nose area, between eye brows and below lips area (my face's problem area) and left it on for about 2 minutes. Then I slowly massage the area a few times before I rinsed it off entirely). Simple!

Results :
1) It cleansed my pores ! Not many "visible" whiteheads even at the corners/inner corners of my nose (though it's not 100% white/blackheads free)
2) Pain free
3) Gentle on my skin (don't have to peel or pull and further damage the skin if done wrongly)
4) Quick and easy for those on the move ( 1-2 minutes is all you need before massaging as compared to other nose pack where you need to wait for 10-15 minutes!)
5) Value for money

1) Skin felt a bit dry thereafter (but an application of a good moisturiser will superseed that)
2) Less fun ( hah hah, not being able to VISIBLY see the white heads being pulled out as per the general nose packs..less sense of satisfaction perhaps... lol )

So, in summary I am an average happy buyer....since I was not expecting a miracle cream. However, do take note that I am more concerned on the whiteheads issue.
Will continue trying it on for a few weeks and see the longer term effect.

Gosh, it's coming to the year end already. Time to start planning for the holiday (glowing), if any (sigh).
Are you planning for your next holiday trip?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Etsy package from Vivat Veritas!

Remember I mentioned about my 1st Etsy purchase?

The package finally arrived from Vivat Veritas !

I normally do not purchase online from 3rd parties that I am not familiar with, hence I am very cautious when it comes to making payments for online shopping.
I bumped into the seller's blog recently and am amazed at how enthusiastic the seller is on sewing clothes and learning new sewing skills at the same time. The seller apparently does a lot of reading/reviewing to improve and getting new ideas. She's not even embarassed to announce if she does have the "what the heck is this output" days.
Having characteristic like this makes her a step above others as her clothes are sewn with love and interest.

I was interested in the dress that I bought and she replied my queries very promptly and delivery was practically made straight after I made the payment. (though it takes about nearly 2 weeks for it to arrive).
She even gave me a special rate (shhhh) when she knew my birhday's round the corner. So sweet of her.

The package

She even gave me a cute thank you/birthday wishes card. *arigato*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review on Kiehls products -Part 1 ~Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion

Hello there. I was away recently and didn't manage to update as much as I wanted to.
Anyway, I will be putting up a few separate post on the recent Kiehls products that I have purchased  in stages.

I am not an expert or pro in this as the others, but I am always delighted to share new stuff that I have tried that works for me (or those that doesn't) with you all. Do give me feedback if you have any opinions or tips on the reviewed products.

So, I was in Kiehl's the other day and I was looking at their facial scrub range. The SA tried 2 different scrub range on me, one on my left hand (Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub) and the other on the right (Epidermal Re-Texturizing-Mircro Dermabrasion, gosh, it's such a mouthful to even type it. Shall call it Derma.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The World Under The Deep Blue Sea

As I mentioned earlier, I had quite a long break a week ago... and oh boy, long breaks without any proper plans and  to remain  in town is EVIL. seriously.
I ended up shopping so much, I can probably just die. ( but ..but... I need all the things that I bought, and will need to get it sooner or later right? right??? yeh, am trying to convince myself.... ).

Anyway, during the break, I managed to finally visit the underwater world in the city. I have visited a few underwater world in a few places/countries but have yet to visit the one nearest to me! I have always wanted to go but just couldn't find the right time.
(well, you know, when things are right infront of your eyes, you will tend to take it for granted)

I love Underwater World. The minute you enter the area, you are like magically transported to another world.  Suddenly life seems to pause for a moment, you seem to be able to take a deep breath and look at things around you and appreciating it.

Very therapeutic isn't it?

Here are a few pics I have downloaded, for your viewing pleasure.
(long post filled with pics ahead. Pls be warned :)

Piranha Red Belly

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday China !

I am currently watching the live telecast of China's 60th National Day Celebration performance and it reminded me on the awesome Olympic opening ceremony and closing ceremony they had last year.

China are blessed with so many people that even their performance are filled with a HUGE group of dancers and performers that it is so remarkable to watch.

Their perfomance are always so colourful , rich in tradtion.

Their perfomance are always sooooo syncronise even though it consist of thousands of people,

It makes me feel so patriotic watching them marching during the parade, taking commands, and am proud of their achivements and development. China has grown so much and it has been a very difficult, hardship road for them.

Sometimes I wonder, what will I be like if I had been raised in the motherland. Will I be a dancer? Will I be more culturally learned? Will I be a different person from what I am today? Will my thinking be different? Will I have the knowledge and exposure that I have now? Will I have the material things I am enjoying now?

But it's great to know that I still have family links back in the motherland, as it is one of my great wish to learn more about the country and culture. Though I have been back nearly every year during the recent years, but it's quite different when you are back there to different places for holidays only.

My best wishes to the leaders and people back in the homeland.
Happy 60th Birthday China!
"Zhong Guo Wan Sui".

Senstive question to ponder and deliberate. Which are you proud of more. Nationality or Race?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first Etsy purchase

Ya I know, I am a dinosaur . *hide my face*

The reason why I am announcing this is I am pretty excited with this purchase of mine. I just purchased a lovely dress (my first overseas online purchase for handmade outfits) from etsy (my first purchase there as well).
Can't wait for the package to arrive !!! It is quite pricey for an outfit via online, and for a first timer, but but, the dress is so sweet and the seller seems very nice and sweet as well. Love her sense of taste and most of the clothes she made is something I would personally wear.
So,.... heck, I purchased it as an EARLY birthday pressie for myself. (yes, a lame excuse to make me feel better), but hey, I can wear it for my birthday gathering if it fits well .. and christmas is just round the corner... :p

Will blog more about the dress and the seller thereafter .........patience.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Maquillage , Maybelline & other makeup hauls.

This is going to be a lazy post filled with pics and less review :( sorry.
Yours truly is feeling very lazy lately as many are away for a whole week, some for holiday, some back to Japan for their silver week.and tho I had a break as well, but I have to come back earlier than the rest *emo*

Anyway, this is a late post on some stuff that I got lately when I suddenly felt I needed to buy a blusher (and I came back with more than that ). *ouch* I can hear my purse screaming already.

You will need to buy the case as it comes separately

Maquillage Face Creator 3D ~ 44 (Nuance Pink)
Their colours are pretty light and sheer, hence if you have darker skin tone, I am not sure whether the range will suit you

But the colours suits me fine, not too loud and the powder is very soft. However, I dont use the brown tone (to be used if you want to have slimmer face countours), hence I use it on top of my eyeshadow for extra glitter. As for the white tone, you can even use it to highlight your eye brow bone etc. Great for usage when you travel.
My only problem with it will be, the casing is a bit too big.

Maquillage eyeshadow

I like this bluish purple tone shadows. Comes with hint of blue cream base so that your colours stays longer and looks cleaner. Their eyeliner cream is surprisingly lasting as well ! Thumbs up.

Maybelline glittering eyeshadow squat

I have wanted to get this for quite some time now. My first Maybelline eyeshadow purchase.
Heard of some great reviews on it and yes, I am not surprised why .
Firstly, I am a sucker for greyish shadows, what more it comes with sheer glittering pink. I have wanted to get a pink/grey squad every since I saw the RMK series but I figured that it is way too expensive for their 2 tone squad.
Hence when I read bout this Maybelline eyeshadow combi, I leaped for joy. The glitters came out quite nicely from each colours (doesn't give you that cheap glitter look), the grey gives a good not too dark nor light blend to the sheer pink.. Lovely !  The brush is surpringly nice to be used. A bit bendable at the sponge area for easy blending. What more, it is total value for money !

Other random stuff I got :-

My Dior's lipgloss cause my old one is on zero level already. (dior's lipgloss are ze best!)

My Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara (as I am getting quite irritated with my MM's mascara already)

My old time favourite face wash gel HG, Avene Soapless Foaming Gel
(because I have been using this since like forever, you will know how top rated it is in my skin care list. But I am a bit lazy to review on it, hence if you want to know more about it, pls let me know)

Samples I got for the new Dior's Hydra Life range to replace their exisiting range
(yiiiks, I love their old range, why change?)

Last weekend I stepped into Kiehls and omg, I totally am amazed and happy with the product that I bought (as at to Anyway, do stay tune and I will update on it soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

All good things will come to an end

Guess I will have to accept the fact that I have to say sayonara one day.

Though reluctant, I will have to take the step.

From hating the place, from feeling uncomfortable, from all the headaches and problems I have to go true innitially, from all the noises, from feeling sooo tired everyday.......

Now I am reluctant.

Reluctant to be no longer part of it.
Reluctant to not able to spend more time learning your culture.
Reluctant because I enjoyed the nearly daily sashimi dosage.
Reluctant because I have not been able to see much of other parts of the region yet.
Reluctant because the people aren't racist.
Reluctant because I will miss those I have just started to know.
Reluctant because I know I can do more.
Reluctant because I felt very "high" doing this despite the stress it is giving me. :(

I will miss the in and out flights, the experience, the culture, the weather, the atmosphere..
I will miss the....
1) The Lakes and Buldings

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I finally found THE perfect eyeliners !

Finally, I have found the eyeliners that I could use without having or worrying about smudges, panda eyes, ugly dirty look at the end of the day.

What's that? hehehe......

It's none other than

1) Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
2) Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner

I am not kidding you. This two works together like wonders!

I prefer to use the liquid eyeliner for the top eyelid and pencil eyeliner for the bottom (as using liquid liners for the bottom just doesnt give the right look!).

Anyway, I have tried so many brands for the past years that I nearly gave up. I ended up not using any liners most of the time. I have tried YSL, Shu Uemura, Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Estee etc and all smudge on me.
Seriously. I was beginning to wonder maybe my skin must be out of this world.
Not till I found Kiss Me.

The Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner is one of the best brush eyeliners. In summary :-

1) SMUDGE PROOF !!!...( and it's resistant to water, tears, sebum and rubbing! )
2) The brush is only 0.1mm so it's easy to draw a smooth line
3) The brush are not too hard or soft, hence very easy to draw a steady line
4) Smooth ink flow
5) It dries up quite fast upon application

Thumbs up !!!!!!!!

Now, as mentioned in my previous post here , I recently bought the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Smooth Eyeliner. What's the difference?
This is a pencil liner. Perfect for the bottom eyelids.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still alive

Gosh, it has been 1 month since I last posted anything. Sorry for going MIA for such a long period.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and at times like this, sometimes I just feel like be in the background for a while. Away from all the questions others are trying to dig from you (yes, I know some are just being caring and I really appreciate your effort) but I guess I just needed to "hide" for a while cause I know, no matter what, nobody will be able to help except God and yourself.

I just needed a break ... from the world.

Things are not settled yet (:( :( Future still seems so dark and bleak but I am feeling much better now. (yay!).

K, nuf said , sorry for the pictureless post. Cross my fingers I will update soon on reviews on certain lovable products that I have purchased recently.

Finally managed to drag myself to go back to the saloon and colour my hair. I left it to them to choose the colour and the stylist gave me a kinda ashhy brown colour. Looks like something that I did few years back but this colour is darker but still bright enough under certain lightings, hence the healthier hair look.

Not sure whether you have heard of it, but my stylist used one of the latest Japanese colour technology called M3D. It has this thing called "pico" which is a high grade mineral. It penetrates into the hair cells to remove harmful chemical in coloring ingredients and activates oxygen.

My hair certainly feels so much softer and have lots of body movements. Loving it so far (but shall further wait till end of the week as at times, your hair feels super soft & shiny only towards the 1st week of colouring).

I did take some pics after that but the colour doesn't seem to show much in the camera. Probably of the lighting then. Shall try to take again next time ya.

I wonder, what are your current hair colour? Care to share?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time Out

Will be taking some time out from writing for a while as am going through/solving/ some crisis at the moment. I can foresee a seriously long, dark walk ahead.
Many changes in life that you have always hear and watch people facing it but never know it will happen to you.
At times like this, people will try to assure you this and that, but in order to protect yourself, you will not be able to trust or believe anyone as you never know who is the one lying through their teeths.

But you might never know, I might just need the blogging more and more for my daily therapy dosage, so do stay tune ya.

On a lighter note... will be watching Harry Potter tomorrow... yay......hopefully that could bring some temporary cheer and lighten things up a bit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review on Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus & Other Eye Makeup Hauls

As mentioned by NicNic, I bought the MM's Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus last weekend.
My main needs and concern with mascara is that it must NOT smudge as I have oily eye lids.

(sorry, the pic isn't very clear)

The mascara's comb is quite unique as it is 2 sided (the coil side which is suppose to frame the eyes & obtain the eyeliner effect and the comb side, to create long separate lashes).
It is formulated with deep black fibers.
And it claimed to be water proof, sweat, sebum & tear resistent.

So I tested it out for a few days and I quite like the masacra actually.

Pros :-
1) It DOESN'T smudge despite me using it for long hours (thumbs up!)
2) The black colour is quite intensified
3) It really does obviously lengthened my lashes after 2 coats
4) Easy to comb even the side and short lashes

Cons :-
1) A bit hard to remove (I can still see some smudges the next morning even tho I cleaned it a few times...) Can anyone recommend a good eye makeup remover? I am currently using Fasio's.
2) Lack of "volume" effect.

Not sure whether I will re-purchase it though. Afraid all the rubbing to remove it will give me MORE fine lines.. and permanent panda eyes the next morning :( Maybe it's just me and my eye-makeup remover?

During the weekend, I bought a few other eye make-up stuff :( :-

Kiss Me Good Lash Perfect Base
(perhaps combination of this and my MM's masacra will be better?)

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Smooth Eyeliner
(I am a fan of Kiss Me products as it is quite long lasting. As mentioned earlier, since my lids tends to get oily, I have yet to find a good, smudge proof eyeliner pencil for my lower lid despite trying out many branded liners). Shall review on this after I have tested it k? Cross fingers.

My SIL managed to go to the Kanebo warehouse sale ( which I didn't get to go as I was not around !!!! sob sob).

Anyway, she got me this Kate Deep Eyes eyeshadow. The colour is quite nice as it is light enough for daily usage but dark enough to give me the light version of deep set look. (brownish/greyish)

And guess what? She got it for about approximately US$2.80 only!!!! What a bargain rite?

Monday, June 29, 2009

My weekend assignment

I was quite busy for the past week but I managed to squeeze in my time to make an appointment with the saloon to do something to my so ever messy, extremely damaged, dry hair. I decided change to another saloon for a change (as I just wanted to try new chemical products and try out a new stylist). So, few weeks back I made an appointment with a hair saloon downtown. (I have been here once before years back).

My hair status = Messy, grown rebonded hair roots, in REAL need of colour touch up, extremely dry and damaged at the edges (due to all the chemical work and daily usage of straightening tool)... :( In a nutshell... terrible!

I was thinking of getting a bit of waves at the ends of my hair but Aki-san (the stylist) is against it as he advised that the edges of my hair is too dry to take in strong chemical work.

Hence… this is what he did !

(sorry, pls ignore the untouched hair colour.. will touch up in a mth or so as advised by the stylist).
They used the Shiseido Professional products for straightening the top half of my crown and did a light chemical work on the bottom half. This is my 1st time trying out this brand as my previous hair stylists uses Keratase, Loreal.

During the process, they flipped the edges in as opposed to others, which is something I like as, then I won't have those fake pockey straight edges. The outcome :-
1) Natural look
2) No flat hair
3) Hair doesn't feel dry after wash

I also like the way he cut and layered my hair (tho it caused me soooooo much more then my normal saloon ...sob sob). And hah hah, he is one of the few good looking Japanese I have seen so far.
I will be back there in a month or so for my hair colour :)
For those in Japan, they actually have 2 branches in Saitama, Tokyo.

Btw, below is the pore cleansing strip I have been using recently. Most brands you see in the market only have nose strips, but you can also get the chin and forehead strips from this Korean
Brand, Skinlite. Great for lazy ppl like me !

Stuff I just got to test out :-

1) Kanebo Lunasol cleasing oil, facial cream foam, toner and moisturiser. I have not tried any Lunasol products before. Can't wait to try it (hopefully it doesn't give me negative reaction as I have sensitive skin).

2) Origins Brighter By Nature facial wash, anti stress serum & moisturise lotion with spf 25.

In addition to that, this is my new bag that I just got from Liz Claiborne!

I was searching for a black bag but when I saw this in the mall, I just couldn't resist. Such a happy looking bag! :) Hence, I brought it back home :) :) (there goes my budget for this mth!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here comes the King of the Fruits !

Yup, its the Durian season !

You will either LOVE it, or HATE it!
As some people regard the durian as fragrant, others find the aroma overpowering and offensive.

Have you tried it before ? :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Diorskin Pure Light vs Dior X4 Control Pore Refining

For the past 1 year or so I have been an ardent fan of Dior's skincare and makeup products. However, today I will review on the Dior X4 Control Compact Foundation that I have bought quite some time back but only managed to try it few days ago as the weather is extremely hot recently (ie... sweating, stickiness..etc you get what I mean).

My skin condition :- Very oily but dehydrated on the surface, open pores especially nose area, occassional pimples, uneven skin tone, gets red easily, sensitive.

Anyway, actually I simply love my Dior Pure Light Liquid Foundation ( am on my 2nd bottle ). I use it together with my Dior Skin Radiant Base (with SPF 20) at times as I don't use sunblock (ya, the SAs always give me the shocked face when they ask me what kind of sunblock I use & I said I don't use any).

As I have sensitive, oily, easily blocked skin, not many products and brands suits me easily but Dior's stuff is my fav as at to date! The Pure Light is oil free, makes my skin looked extra radiant and glowing!
It gives light coverage but makes my complexion looks more transparent and natural. Seriously, even if you are having a not so good skin day, put it on, and you will look so much more healthier.
It contains 50% water (great for my dehyrated skin) hence don't feel like you are putting on anything (no masking effect).
My only complain would be it doesn't seem to have much oil control function on my oily oily face (I seriously wonder where it all comes from).

I got my Dior X4 Control few mths back when I was in Hanoi airport (much cheaper at that time because US$ value was lower then.. heh heh).

I didn't get to test it till few days back. The weather is extremely hot right now and I thought I should try it as it's written in the packaging there are 4 main functions :-

1) Sebum control to reduce shiny skin (wow!!! Jump up and down)
2) Pore control for a visibly pure & refined complexion (pore control? I want , I want)
3) Water control to bring extreme comfort thanks to hydro-regulating powders (water , my savior for dehydrated skin)
4) UV Control SPF 20-PA++ to help protect skin from sign of aging. (spf, I need!)

Didn't I tell you Dior is the best? Everything above sounds so great and meeting all my skin's problem needs. You know, many brands, even skin care, when you have pimple problems, they will give you the oil control range (which actually causes my skin to produce MORE oil, and dry out the outer layer skin), and if you tell them you have dehyrated problem... the products they have will be toooo oily for me, causing breakouts (ya, I have "mah fan" skin).

But Dior's product takes care of all the above.. (yes, their Hydra Deep Hydration Gel is my savior also...erm.. ok, today is about foundation. I shall not go off topic...heh heh, see how excited I am when I talk about Dior).

Anyway, I tested X4 Control to work, using it for 12 hours or so :( ....
It's actually my first compact powder foundation as I have been using liquid foundation since like forever... The reason why I dont use compact powder is because I don't like the cakey look, I don't have a very smooth skin, hence powders tends to make my skin flaws MORE obvious , tends to get flaky and block my pores, causing me more pimples.

But I brave the day by trying it out because it's Dior (hah hah).
~ Application is super easy and fast.
~ It's actually quite sheer, not masking at all. Of course it doesn't give the halo glowy look. It's matte but still with a bit hint of glow.
~ My pores looks pretty smooth and best of all... my face didn't get as oily as usual. Of course it's not the SUPER powder where my skin doesn't get oily at all, but it does help to control it.
~ So far no breakouts!
~ Easy to carry around (can carry into my hand luggage as it's not liquid! yeh..)

And at the end of the day, I face still feel quite touched up actually. I like.

As to the question on which would I prefer between Diorskin Pure Light & Dior X4 Control... I seriously can't decide. I guess, it gives you different function and outcome. Depends on the weather I guess. Or perhaps, you can use the liquid foundation and touch up with X4?
What foundation brands are your fav?
***edited ***
I have been using the Dior X4 control for a few weeks now and I just want to say, I lurve lurve lurve lurve lurve it !! It doesn't turn out bloachy on me, my skin looks smoother even after a whole day and seriously no breakout effects ! Totally my current HG.
I leave you with a pic of my new handphone, in my new handphone pouch (pouch in black cause it looks more professional, lol... my boss have been giving me "the look" when he saw my blinked luggage bags huh..) with my Dior's handphone string.
(courtesy from my ex"shacho" who gave it to me as a pressie when he went back to Japan :) so nice of him ...
..ya I am a Dior addict :p
~ ze phone is courtesy of another kind soul... heh heh

Sunday, June 21, 2009


The minute I got this from the air stewardess I started to giggle :p
Since when a 'TURBAN' is provided in the plane... ???
(and the fact is, nobody else noticed the error / oddness ) ....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Current Lemmings - My Beauty Diary Mask

I have heard a bit about this famous Taiwan brand mask, "My Beauty Diary Mask" previously and the other day I finally saw it in our local drugstore !

There are many types and range of mask in this series and I didn't have time to analyse it as I was in a hurry (I think 12 range?). However, they do have a special box promotion whereby in the box they have one of each type of mask sold as a package. That should be great right, since it would be best to know which is better for my skin for future re-purchase.

I am actually a very lazy person in using mask and my half year stock of MG (Magic Beauty) mask (korean brand) has been extended to 1 year (gasp!).

Anyway, really feel like trying the Beauty Diary Mask since it is the sheet type, and will be easier to carry around since I am on the move/fly so often.

Ok.. shall run over to the drugstore this weekend and try it out ! La di da...
Will review on it thereafter.

Have you tried this masks before? ........

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taken for granted

This is going to be an emo post hence, sorry if I am going to bored you all to death.

Have you ever suddenly felt irritated with someone or a group or something, and anything that they say or do, will get you so filled with so much anger and frustration BUT you will feel guilty for feeling that way?

You then get angry at yourself for not trying to be patient and understanding. You feel guilty for answering back impolitely... you feels guilty for not being nice enough to just let it go.

At times I feel that certain people take us for granted. And once they take you for granted, they start to have lesser respect or appreciation of what you do. Instead, it becomes like your duty to handle certain matters under their so called "instruction". Instead of discussing important things with you together with the rest, you are merely the "worker". They become lazy to explain or even update you on what’s going on, till it's very late, or perhaps till the whole wide world knows about it already, and that’s when you show your red face because every other outsider expects you to be aware of it.

In normal times, I wouldn't think much of it as we are all working for the benefit of others, not expecting any returns. But STOP treating me like an innocent , inexperience person as I am not!

At times I really feel like saying, "hello, I might be younger but heck I might have much more experience than many of you on certain areas" so stop taking me for granted ! So stop saying "do this, do that, stop this, stop that. Stop discussing things without telling me the decisions and then expecting me to be aware of it.

But culturally and childhood teachings, have taught us it's not wise to say out such things aloud because you will offend certain people feelings and create unnecessary chaos. That's when, you slowly get's easily irritated more & more and at times feel like just breakaway from this unhealthy environment.

But then again, it's not easy to take the step to climb out of the hole as there are others than depend on you and if you do hop out to the other party, your relationship with the people there will be diminished.

Also at times I will be contracting to myself and felt so culpable for being angry at such minor issues. They are people that you should be relying on, people that should be part of your family, people that are part of you and you in them.

So, would you stay on, with hopes that the anger or irritated feeling will go away, and continue being nice and take it like nothing have gone wrong?

Or would you sniff around the land at the opposite side of the garden?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drum Waves Island

And so, during one of the weekends I visited ..........

"Gu Lang Yu " !

The Chinese name "gu lang" means drum waves so-called because of the sound generated by the ocean waves hitting the reefs.

This is a small island connected to the main Xiamen Island by a short ferry ride (about 15 minutes). The ferry comes quite frequently but you will need to squeeze yourself at a pretty small waiting area for the ferry as there is many ppl waiting for it at all times!

As a place of residence for Westerners during Xiamen's colonial past, Gulangyu is famous for its architecture and for hosting China's only piano museum, giving it the nickname of "Piano Island".
(huh.. but but, how come I didn't visit the museum?) We paid RMB100 or something to enter a few museums but I don't remember visiting a Piano Museum ! Why our guide didn't remind us?? %^$$#! Huh..... I'll post his face later on below... the person that didn't bring me to Piano Museum!! :( :(

At least several hundred families still live on the island and make a living out of tourism. As Xiamen was also a foreign trading post (albeit a smaller one compared to Shanghai) after the foreigners forced open China’s doors after the Opium war, many European styled buildings and former embassy buildings still stand on the island.

Btw, the island is a pedestrian only destination, commuting within the island is mostly only by foot. The locals, of course have bicycles. But I saw this ......

Hmm... isn't that a vehicle in the island???
* but I guess a mini ambulance should be given the exception* wink!

So, we walked around the island, nothing much to do except seeing the old embassy buildings. Other than that, there's quite a few shops selling souveniors targeting the tourists. Nothing spectacular though.

* Tea house *

* Church bulding *

* Many people by the beach in the island. This is a man made beach where the sand is imported all the way from Hawaii, according to the locals *

And finally, mua...

P/s: I am still learning on posting up pics and the allignments of the posts, so ya, that's why it's a bit messy.

Anybody know how to lock certain posts in blogger? can teach me plzzzzz...