Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Should I ?

Am toying the idea of restart my blog entries again. Should I?
Yay or nay?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still alive

Hey all, so sorry for not updating lately. Been moving around, packed and unpacked and unpacked and yet to pack. Worst is, when I could find the time to update the goodies I have been meaning to tell you guys out there, I realised that the pics are all in my old notebook back at home! :( :( :( double sorrows.....
(yes, I got a new,sleek, sexy notebook!... but without any pics in eat cause I have yet to transfer the datas).

Do pls be patient and stay tune, yours truly will be back... Meanwhile, take care and God bless!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My HG purchase from Japan - Part 1

Hello there, yes, I am back (feeling guilty and all for abandoning this blog for a lonnngg time).

For those that have been following me, yes, thank you for the wishes, I am up and well now (leaping up with joy... yes. I can jump up and down now, isn't it great??). However, I am still waiting for the scars to heal ...years perhaps? And I am not joking when I say "SCARS". I can't even wear shorts/ or short skirts now cause ppl will stare ! :( :( Any good solutions/creams you know of? Let me know k?

Ok, so much have happened, the past few months, so much that I should have blogged about but I can't remember already (that's why a blogger should update periodically !! point noted.....) But with my accident, then I was in Singapore, I will be away again tomorrow, then next month I am due to fly again to China, I do hope I will be able to update as much as I can.

Anyway, I will like to just post up the pics of the items that I most loved from my trip in Japan. So loved that I got a friend who's visiting now to get me MORE!

1) Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist

LUrvvveee this water spray. I just spray it on the ends of my hair when it is semi dry and leave it over nite and you will get a soft, flowy hair the next day. It's not oily and doesn't put on weight on your hair at all. Ok, allow me to say it again.... LURVEEEE it. :)

2) Cosmagic Hyber Beam Eyes by Kose

This eyeliner cum smoky eyes liner is purrrfect for the novice user. I love it so much, as I can underliner my top eyelid and bottom eyelid so easily and wah lah, in an instance, my eyes looks so so much bigger. Plus the tip is kinda spongy which makes it easy for application. Doesn't smear even for the whole day usage.
Only fault I could find with is, after using for 2 mths, the sponge kinda got flat or eaten out (means time to get new ones...).

3) Coffret D'or's mascara base

Sorry, no pic for this cause I can't find it in my pic library. However, it is a must for me to mention it as it really really works wonders for my lashes. Seriously. The base is so good, all I need to do is put on 2 layers of mascara and my eyelashes are all curled up and looks much much longer.
I have never got any compliments for my lashes, but since I started using this, people start asking me whether I am using fake lashes (yes, it is THAT obvious!!!). I even got a 20% discount when I bought it.

Some even asked me what did I do with my eyes. Thanks to the number 2 and 3 purchases above I guess.

Have loads more to post but will save it for the next round (gotta start packing my luggage already!).

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey everyone!
Gosh, I have gone missing for like nealy 1.5 months. I wonder if anybody is still reading this blog or remembered me?

For those still following,I know you guys are waiting for my posts on my Japan trip and the big move I made thereafter.

However, today I will write on something else. Something that has made me inmobile for the past 1.5 weeks and to pre-warn you readers that have been taking things for granted like me.

One fine morning on my 5th day after my move, I was happily walking to the train station. As I crossed the traffic light, not too far away from the station, I could hear and FEEL something behind me, and before I know it, my bag was snatched and in an instant, I was flying off together !!

The stupid STUPID idiot man dragged me together with his bike as my hand was still holding on to the bag firmly. Without realising, I was dragged on the road for a distance. On the TAR road can you imagine!
I only managed to knock into my senses when I saw the main road coming and I said to myself, dear God, I have to let go .

My dress was torn till it was soo obscene for me to even stand up can you imagine.
My legs, my thights, my hips, my hands, my toes, my heels are all wounded.... total nightmare ! Losing everything in an instant, my cash, my handphone, my keys, my mp3, my everything !

What's worse, the pain of the wounds thereafter.
I cried and cried each time my wounds needs dressing and cleaning up.
I cried when the wounds got stuck to my pjs and I have to peel it of the next morning.
I cried when I can't move when I sleep because all sides are injured.
I couldn't even wash my own face.

Though I am feeling better now, but I don't know how I will be able to gain the courage to walk alone again.
The more I think about it, the more I worry. It's scary to know that things like this happens to me in my very own country. I have never felt so afraid in any other country I am in.
I am sorry , I am not trying to frighten the overseas bloggers from coming here, but one needs to be extra extra cautious especially when there is an influx of legal or illegal foreign immigrants in our country.

The doctor who treated me immediately that day said I am very lucky as there was another snatch thief case a week before me. The IDIOTS actually slashed the shoulder of the victim with a machete before snatching the handbag ! Can you imagine????omg... Some even said, after they were dragged, and when they let go, their head knock a stone and died thereafter. omg!!!!
Also, there were cases whereby when you drive back home alone at night, there will be ppl waiting to surround you when you come down from your car to open the house gate.
Te more stories I hear, the more I am worried. How am I to survive if I have to worry every single minute?
Gosh,,... i wanna go home :( :(

Many have advised me to be careful of snatch thief, to be careful of pickpockets, to be careful and alert.
But never in my life will I imagine that it will actually happen to me.

But of course I need to thank God that I still have my life. Thank God that I do not have major internal injuries.
I thank God that my head and face was protected.

This scary nightmare is something that I will never never EVER forget and I do pray that I will be able to walk and run smoothly again soon.

Hope all are well tho. Merry Christmas. God bless.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty pretty hairbands

I know I bid my short farewell in my last post, but I just wanted to show you all this lovely lovely hairbands that I simply couldn't decide on which to buy when I was window shopping online.
Which do you prefer?



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

November is just round the corner!

Sorry for the lame title. But that is what I am feeling right now.

I can't wait for November ! But I can feel things are moving soo fast, by the time I know it, it will be end of the year. Gosh, how I wish I can stop the time.

So many things and sudden plans have pop up this past one week, and I just realised I will be away for nearly the whole month of November from this weekend onwards !!!!!!!!

Will be off to a small town a further away for the seafood, den back to the city for an event, den off to PD for the beach/sun/catching up time, den off to Hong Kong, den off to Japan for nearly 2 weeks (can't wait , can't wait)
DEN, it's time to pack and make the BIG move (sigh, sigh)......

Anyway, that aside, I know I am suppose to post up reviews on my other Kiehls products (sorry, will do that when I am back and er, settled down...). I will not be bringing my notebook along when I am away, hence do forgive me if I goes missing for a while, but I do hope I will be able get in to the net wherever I am to give you all an update and keep track on you guys.
I will be back with hopefully nice pictures for u all.

Meanwhile, hope you all have a great month ahead  and do take care !

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nihon here I comeeeeee!

This is just a sudden, impulse decision.
I will be heading to Japan for holiday in a few weeks time!!!!! wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

So, if you have any suggested places that you think I should go for the below items, would appreciate if you could let me know as I still do not have any concrete plans yet but most like I will be in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara or Osaka...

1) Places to shop for makeups, skincares, clothes and shoes!
2) Local yummy goody food
3) Main tourisy places that I should focus on
4) Suggestion of hotels or ryokan
5) Any other things?

God, don't let me get lost in this big City of yours :)