Friday, May 22, 2009

Kris Allen - The new American Idol

Throughout the American Idol 2009, I have always been a fan of Kris Allen.
He has this really smooth vocals that could charm you and really makes it like he's telling a story to you. He has played several instruments during his performances, including the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the keyboard and piano. I especially enjoyed the way he re-arranged and interpret most songs and made it uniquely his !

Also.... how can one forget his good looks and boy next door image !!!

Adam is another unique singer with a really good awesome voice. He can probably sing any kind of song, and bring the whole theatre down. Wonderful powerful voice and the best part he exudes confidence but not cockiness. Amazing.
However, while waiting for the results to be announced, I was just saying that I think Adam Lambert's name will be called out as the winner. Imagine the shocker when I heard the nane Kris Allen. Everyone,... including the judge expected Adam's name to be announced (not that I am complaining since I have been supporting Kris all the way).

Even Kris beamed with disbelief, shook his head as if to reject that this was really happening.
~ See his shocker face

Well, at least the two finalist this year are both talented, great performer and very very nice contestants. I give my hat over to Adam, and looking forward to get Kris's new album soon.

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