Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still alive

Gosh, it has been 1 month since I last posted anything. Sorry for going MIA for such a long period.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and at times like this, sometimes I just feel like be in the background for a while. Away from all the questions others are trying to dig from you (yes, I know some are just being caring and I really appreciate your effort) but I guess I just needed to "hide" for a while cause I know, no matter what, nobody will be able to help except God and yourself.

I just needed a break ... from the world.

Things are not settled yet (:( :( Future still seems so dark and bleak but I am feeling much better now. (yay!).

K, nuf said , sorry for the pictureless post. Cross my fingers I will update soon on reviews on certain lovable products that I have purchased recently.

Finally managed to drag myself to go back to the saloon and colour my hair. I left it to them to choose the colour and the stylist gave me a kinda ashhy brown colour. Looks like something that I did few years back but this colour is darker but still bright enough under certain lightings, hence the healthier hair look.

Not sure whether you have heard of it, but my stylist used one of the latest Japanese colour technology called M3D. It has this thing called "pico" which is a high grade mineral. It penetrates into the hair cells to remove harmful chemical in coloring ingredients and activates oxygen.

My hair certainly feels so much softer and have lots of body movements. Loving it so far (but shall further wait till end of the week as at times, your hair feels super soft & shiny only towards the 1st week of colouring).

I did take some pics after that but the colour doesn't seem to show much in the camera. Probably of the lighting then. Shall try to take again next time ya.

I wonder, what are your current hair colour? Care to share?

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  1. my hair is currently light brown ^^
    but its turning all yellowy rather than brown [sad]

    re you comment on my blog
    i did a review on js blushers before ^^
    and yup that is me in my profile pic , thankyou!