Thursday, August 27, 2009

All good things will come to an end

Guess I will have to accept the fact that I have to say sayonara one day.

Though reluctant, I will have to take the step.

From hating the place, from feeling uncomfortable, from all the headaches and problems I have to go true innitially, from all the noises, from feeling sooo tired everyday.......

Now I am reluctant.

Reluctant to be no longer part of it.
Reluctant to not able to spend more time learning your culture.
Reluctant because I enjoyed the nearly daily sashimi dosage.
Reluctant because I have not been able to see much of other parts of the region yet.
Reluctant because the people aren't racist.
Reluctant because I will miss those I have just started to know.
Reluctant because I know I can do more.
Reluctant because I felt very "high" doing this despite the stress it is giving me. :(

I will miss the in and out flights, the experience, the culture, the weather, the atmosphere..
I will miss the....
1) The Lakes and Buldings

2) The Food ( there are many good , clean, foreign owned restaurants if you know it well ).

3) The People (...the very nice, polite, eager to learn community, who have been extremely nice and courteous to me)

4) The Traffics (yes, the BIKES and all the HONKING !!!!)


Yes, I will miss the coffee and coffee and coffee and coffee which I have been drinking and everyday and every other day. What am I going to do when my current stocks run out? :( :( :(

But I promise that I will be back.
Many may not like you and that's because they don't know you.
Tho the next round I see you, I might be on a different agenda, but do know that you will always have a place in my heart.

It has been 2 good years.
Hugs and kisses.... bleusnow.