Friday, September 25, 2009

Maquillage , Maybelline & other makeup hauls.

This is going to be a lazy post filled with pics and less review :( sorry.
Yours truly is feeling very lazy lately as many are away for a whole week, some for holiday, some back to Japan for their silver week.and tho I had a break as well, but I have to come back earlier than the rest *emo*

Anyway, this is a late post on some stuff that I got lately when I suddenly felt I needed to buy a blusher (and I came back with more than that ). *ouch* I can hear my purse screaming already.

You will need to buy the case as it comes separately

Maquillage Face Creator 3D ~ 44 (Nuance Pink)
Their colours are pretty light and sheer, hence if you have darker skin tone, I am not sure whether the range will suit you

But the colours suits me fine, not too loud and the powder is very soft. However, I dont use the brown tone (to be used if you want to have slimmer face countours), hence I use it on top of my eyeshadow for extra glitter. As for the white tone, you can even use it to highlight your eye brow bone etc. Great for usage when you travel.
My only problem with it will be, the casing is a bit too big.

Maquillage eyeshadow

I like this bluish purple tone shadows. Comes with hint of blue cream base so that your colours stays longer and looks cleaner. Their eyeliner cream is surprisingly lasting as well ! Thumbs up.

Maybelline glittering eyeshadow squat

I have wanted to get this for quite some time now. My first Maybelline eyeshadow purchase.
Heard of some great reviews on it and yes, I am not surprised why .
Firstly, I am a sucker for greyish shadows, what more it comes with sheer glittering pink. I have wanted to get a pink/grey squad every since I saw the RMK series but I figured that it is way too expensive for their 2 tone squad.
Hence when I read bout this Maybelline eyeshadow combi, I leaped for joy. The glitters came out quite nicely from each colours (doesn't give you that cheap glitter look), the grey gives a good not too dark nor light blend to the sheer pink.. Lovely !  The brush is surpringly nice to be used. A bit bendable at the sponge area for easy blending. What more, it is total value for money !

Other random stuff I got :-

My Dior's lipgloss cause my old one is on zero level already. (dior's lipgloss are ze best!)

My Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara (as I am getting quite irritated with my MM's mascara already)

My old time favourite face wash gel HG, Avene Soapless Foaming Gel
(because I have been using this since like forever, you will know how top rated it is in my skin care list. But I am a bit lazy to review on it, hence if you want to know more about it, pls let me know)

Samples I got for the new Dior's Hydra Life range to replace their exisiting range
(yiiiks, I love their old range, why change?)

Last weekend I stepped into Kiehls and omg, I totally am amazed and happy with the product that I bought (as at to Anyway, do stay tune and I will update on it soon.


  1. ooh nice thingys!
    i just started using the kiss me mascara
    like u, i think mm is irritating me hahaha

  2. yeh, I like kiss me's mascara. Easy to apply, brush is good, lasting, gives the lashes volume and lengthen.