Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first Etsy purchase

Ya I know, I am a dinosaur . *hide my face*

The reason why I am announcing this is I am pretty excited with this purchase of mine. I just purchased a lovely dress (my first overseas online purchase for handmade outfits) from etsy (my first purchase there as well).
Can't wait for the package to arrive !!! It is quite pricey for an outfit via online, and for a first timer, but but, the dress is so sweet and the seller seems very nice and sweet as well. Love her sense of taste and most of the clothes she made is something I would personally wear.
So,.... heck, I purchased it as an EARLY birthday pressie for myself. (yes, a lame excuse to make me feel better), but hey, I can wear it for my birthday gathering if it fits well .. and christmas is just round the corner... :p

Will blog more about the dress and the seller thereafter .........patience.


  1. HI Snowy hehe :) Thanks for dropping by my blog yeah I know the nose is a little disturbing isn't it hehe :) but I thought it's kinda fun, hope you didn't think that was my nose LOL!!!.

    I've followed you back, cute blog!!!. I just saw your haul from the previous post both of the Maquillage products you bought I've got too Yeahhh!!! :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by too Shanghainese Dumpling. Well, at least it's a "clean" nose at the end... lol. :p