Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday China !

I am currently watching the live telecast of China's 60th National Day Celebration performance and it reminded me on the awesome Olympic opening ceremony and closing ceremony they had last year.

China are blessed with so many people that even their performance are filled with a HUGE group of dancers and performers that it is so remarkable to watch.

Their perfomance are always so colourful , rich in tradtion.

Their perfomance are always sooooo syncronise even though it consist of thousands of people,

It makes me feel so patriotic watching them marching during the parade, taking commands, and am proud of their achivements and development. China has grown so much and it has been a very difficult, hardship road for them.

Sometimes I wonder, what will I be like if I had been raised in the motherland. Will I be a dancer? Will I be more culturally learned? Will I be a different person from what I am today? Will my thinking be different? Will I have the knowledge and exposure that I have now? Will I have the material things I am enjoying now?

But it's great to know that I still have family links back in the motherland, as it is one of my great wish to learn more about the country and culture. Though I have been back nearly every year during the recent years, but it's quite different when you are back there to different places for holidays only.

My best wishes to the leaders and people back in the homeland.
Happy 60th Birthday China!
"Zhong Guo Wan Sui".

Senstive question to ponder and deliberate. Which are you proud of more. Nationality or Race?


  1. Hey Snowy, Thank you so much for doing this post, I'm so proud to be Chinese, when ever people as me about China I can't stop raving about it!!! I love seeing our country growing so much, so fast and so well. Of course there are areas still need perfection but considering it came such a long way I think we're doing very well already:)

    Yeahhh Zhong Guo Wan Sui!!!!!