Friday, June 12, 2009

Current Lemmings - My Beauty Diary Mask

I have heard a bit about this famous Taiwan brand mask, "My Beauty Diary Mask" previously and the other day I finally saw it in our local drugstore !

There are many types and range of mask in this series and I didn't have time to analyse it as I was in a hurry (I think 12 range?). However, they do have a special box promotion whereby in the box they have one of each type of mask sold as a package. That should be great right, since it would be best to know which is better for my skin for future re-purchase.

I am actually a very lazy person in using mask and my half year stock of MG (Magic Beauty) mask (korean brand) has been extended to 1 year (gasp!).

Anyway, really feel like trying the Beauty Diary Mask since it is the sheet type, and will be easier to carry around since I am on the move/fly so often.

Ok.. shall run over to the drugstore this weekend and try it out ! La di da...
Will review on it thereafter.

Have you tried this masks before? ........


  1. try it! i have tried them and i like them a lot <3

  2. You have it over there as well? yeh, can't wait to try. :)