Monday, June 22, 2009

Diorskin Pure Light vs Dior X4 Control Pore Refining

For the past 1 year or so I have been an ardent fan of Dior's skincare and makeup products. However, today I will review on the Dior X4 Control Compact Foundation that I have bought quite some time back but only managed to try it few days ago as the weather is extremely hot recently (ie... sweating, stickiness..etc you get what I mean).

My skin condition :- Very oily but dehydrated on the surface, open pores especially nose area, occassional pimples, uneven skin tone, gets red easily, sensitive.

Anyway, actually I simply love my Dior Pure Light Liquid Foundation ( am on my 2nd bottle ). I use it together with my Dior Skin Radiant Base (with SPF 20) at times as I don't use sunblock (ya, the SAs always give me the shocked face when they ask me what kind of sunblock I use & I said I don't use any).

As I have sensitive, oily, easily blocked skin, not many products and brands suits me easily but Dior's stuff is my fav as at to date! The Pure Light is oil free, makes my skin looked extra radiant and glowing!
It gives light coverage but makes my complexion looks more transparent and natural. Seriously, even if you are having a not so good skin day, put it on, and you will look so much more healthier.
It contains 50% water (great for my dehyrated skin) hence don't feel like you are putting on anything (no masking effect).
My only complain would be it doesn't seem to have much oil control function on my oily oily face (I seriously wonder where it all comes from).

I got my Dior X4 Control few mths back when I was in Hanoi airport (much cheaper at that time because US$ value was lower then.. heh heh).

I didn't get to test it till few days back. The weather is extremely hot right now and I thought I should try it as it's written in the packaging there are 4 main functions :-

1) Sebum control to reduce shiny skin (wow!!! Jump up and down)
2) Pore control for a visibly pure & refined complexion (pore control? I want , I want)
3) Water control to bring extreme comfort thanks to hydro-regulating powders (water , my savior for dehydrated skin)
4) UV Control SPF 20-PA++ to help protect skin from sign of aging. (spf, I need!)

Didn't I tell you Dior is the best? Everything above sounds so great and meeting all my skin's problem needs. You know, many brands, even skin care, when you have pimple problems, they will give you the oil control range (which actually causes my skin to produce MORE oil, and dry out the outer layer skin), and if you tell them you have dehyrated problem... the products they have will be toooo oily for me, causing breakouts (ya, I have "mah fan" skin).

But Dior's product takes care of all the above.. (yes, their Hydra Deep Hydration Gel is my savior also...erm.. ok, today is about foundation. I shall not go off topic...heh heh, see how excited I am when I talk about Dior).

Anyway, I tested X4 Control to work, using it for 12 hours or so :( ....
It's actually my first compact powder foundation as I have been using liquid foundation since like forever... The reason why I dont use compact powder is because I don't like the cakey look, I don't have a very smooth skin, hence powders tends to make my skin flaws MORE obvious , tends to get flaky and block my pores, causing me more pimples.

But I brave the day by trying it out because it's Dior (hah hah).
~ Application is super easy and fast.
~ It's actually quite sheer, not masking at all. Of course it doesn't give the halo glowy look. It's matte but still with a bit hint of glow.
~ My pores looks pretty smooth and best of all... my face didn't get as oily as usual. Of course it's not the SUPER powder where my skin doesn't get oily at all, but it does help to control it.
~ So far no breakouts!
~ Easy to carry around (can carry into my hand luggage as it's not liquid! yeh..)

And at the end of the day, I face still feel quite touched up actually. I like.

As to the question on which would I prefer between Diorskin Pure Light & Dior X4 Control... I seriously can't decide. I guess, it gives you different function and outcome. Depends on the weather I guess. Or perhaps, you can use the liquid foundation and touch up with X4?
What foundation brands are your fav?
***edited ***
I have been using the Dior X4 control for a few weeks now and I just want to say, I lurve lurve lurve lurve lurve it !! It doesn't turn out bloachy on me, my skin looks smoother even after a whole day and seriously no breakout effects ! Totally my current HG.
I leave you with a pic of my new handphone, in my new handphone pouch (pouch in black cause it looks more professional, lol... my boss have been giving me "the look" when he saw my blinked luggage bags huh..) with my Dior's handphone string.
(courtesy from my ex"shacho" who gave it to me as a pressie when he went back to Japan :) so nice of him ...
..ya I am a Dior addict :p
~ ze phone is courtesy of another kind soul... heh heh


  1. ooh dior!!! i havent tried much of their foundations but i keep hearing good things!!

    i collect dior earrings! i loove them

    p.s i am back! did u miss me hahaha

  2. Hope you enjoyed your break! Tell us where you go k?
    Go try Dior's foundation.. very GOOD!

  3. Im so glad you like that foundation! its my HG :DD