Monday, June 29, 2009

My weekend assignment

I was quite busy for the past week but I managed to squeeze in my time to make an appointment with the saloon to do something to my so ever messy, extremely damaged, dry hair. I decided change to another saloon for a change (as I just wanted to try new chemical products and try out a new stylist). So, few weeks back I made an appointment with a hair saloon downtown. (I have been here once before years back).

My hair status = Messy, grown rebonded hair roots, in REAL need of colour touch up, extremely dry and damaged at the edges (due to all the chemical work and daily usage of straightening tool)... :( In a nutshell... terrible!

I was thinking of getting a bit of waves at the ends of my hair but Aki-san (the stylist) is against it as he advised that the edges of my hair is too dry to take in strong chemical work.

Hence… this is what he did !

(sorry, pls ignore the untouched hair colour.. will touch up in a mth or so as advised by the stylist).
They used the Shiseido Professional products for straightening the top half of my crown and did a light chemical work on the bottom half. This is my 1st time trying out this brand as my previous hair stylists uses Keratase, Loreal.

During the process, they flipped the edges in as opposed to others, which is something I like as, then I won't have those fake pockey straight edges. The outcome :-
1) Natural look
2) No flat hair
3) Hair doesn't feel dry after wash

I also like the way he cut and layered my hair (tho it caused me soooooo much more then my normal saloon ...sob sob). And hah hah, he is one of the few good looking Japanese I have seen so far.
I will be back there in a month or so for my hair colour :)
For those in Japan, they actually have 2 branches in Saitama, Tokyo.

Btw, below is the pore cleansing strip I have been using recently. Most brands you see in the market only have nose strips, but you can also get the chin and forehead strips from this Korean
Brand, Skinlite. Great for lazy ppl like me !

Stuff I just got to test out :-

1) Kanebo Lunasol cleasing oil, facial cream foam, toner and moisturiser. I have not tried any Lunasol products before. Can't wait to try it (hopefully it doesn't give me negative reaction as I have sensitive skin).

2) Origins Brighter By Nature facial wash, anti stress serum & moisturise lotion with spf 25.

In addition to that, this is my new bag that I just got from Liz Claiborne!

I was searching for a black bag but when I saw this in the mall, I just couldn't resist. Such a happy looking bag! :) Hence, I brought it back home :) :) (there goes my budget for this mth!)


  1. i like ur bag! its very happy looking indeed

  2. ur hair looks great!!


  3. The hair looks lovely and healthy! Japanese generally give the best services i think :D

  4. Yumeko ~ Happy days...

    Loke ~ Thanks!

    Nic Nic ~ Thanks. Yes, and generally they use better quality products :)