Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Etsy package from Vivat Veritas!

Remember I mentioned about my 1st Etsy purchase?

The package finally arrived from Vivat Veritas !

I normally do not purchase online from 3rd parties that I am not familiar with, hence I am very cautious when it comes to making payments for online shopping.
I bumped into the seller's blog recently and am amazed at how enthusiastic the seller is on sewing clothes and learning new sewing skills at the same time. The seller apparently does a lot of reading/reviewing to improve and getting new ideas. She's not even embarassed to announce if she does have the "what the heck is this output" days.
Having characteristic like this makes her a step above others as her clothes are sewn with love and interest.

I was interested in the dress that I bought and she replied my queries very promptly and delivery was practically made straight after I made the payment. (though it takes about nearly 2 weeks for it to arrive).
She even gave me a special rate (shhhh) when she knew my birhday's round the corner. So sweet of her.

The package

She even gave me a cute thank you/birthday wishes card. *arigato*

However, I need to make a tweet bit of alteration on the dress as I have slightly shorter torso (*emphasise on the word slightly, ok), hence I will put up the pics from the seller's shop itself.

So sweet and cute looking right?

I simply luv the v-neck in the back and the white exposed zipper which gives a great contrast to the blue cotton cloth. The boat neck front looks sweet with the ribbon at the front.
I could wear it for casual outings, or pair it with a black tights and hat, I am all ready for a tea party.

The cutie ribbon

Mua and ze dress :)

The seller is currently residing in Japan but she delivers worldwide for a separate delivery charge.
Hop on to Vivat Veritas if you are looking for clothes handmade with love.


  1. hi! thank you so much for making this post! i am so glad you got the package safely:)



  2. Ohhh that's so cute :) I'm going to VV now!!

  3. Chie --> You are welcome. Looking fwd to see more new designs ya.

    SD --> Found anything you like?