Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TFS Greentea Blackhead Remover Gommage Pack

I was in The FaceShop earlier today to get some mask sheets, but instead I came out with a tube of the Blackhead Remover Gommage Pack.

It's a creamy formula said to remove pore clogging debris and sebum around the nose without overstressing the skin for the smoothest and cleanest skin.

- Contains green tea, chestnut, licorice

Well, firstly, let me say that I do not have much blackhead problems around my nose, but more of the irritating white heads and clogged pores.

The Gommage is more like a paste as it is a bit harder to be called cream (something like those clay mask texture?). Anyway, I left it on a clean nose area, between eye brows and below lips area (my face's problem area) and left it on for about 2 minutes. Then I slowly massage the area a few times before I rinsed it off entirely). Simple!

Results :
1) It cleansed my pores ! Not many "visible" whiteheads even at the corners/inner corners of my nose (though it's not 100% white/blackheads free)
2) Pain free
3) Gentle on my skin (don't have to peel or pull and further damage the skin if done wrongly)
4) Quick and easy for those on the move ( 1-2 minutes is all you need before massaging as compared to other nose pack where you need to wait for 10-15 minutes!)
5) Value for money

1) Skin felt a bit dry thereafter (but an application of a good moisturiser will superseed that)
2) Less fun ( hah hah, not being able to VISIBLY see the white heads being pulled out as per the general nose packs..less sense of satisfaction perhaps... lol )

So, in summary I am an average happy buyer....since I was not expecting a miracle cream. However, do take note that I am more concerned on the whiteheads issue.
Will continue trying it on for a few weeks and see the longer term effect.

Gosh, it's coming to the year end already. Time to start planning for the holiday (glowing), if any (sigh).
Are you planning for your next holiday trip?


  1. i like your post =)
    very helpful!!

  2. oh one more thing, if you've tried TFS greentea blackhead massage oil, pls tell me what's the different with the gommage pack

  3. Thanks for dropping by Rui!
    I have yet to to try the massage oil but will definately post it up if I get to try it :).