Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The World Under The Deep Blue Sea

As I mentioned earlier, I had quite a long break a week ago... and oh boy, long breaks without any proper plans and  to remain  in town is EVIL. seriously.
I ended up shopping so much, I can probably just die. ( but ..but... I need all the things that I bought, and will need to get it sooner or later right? right??? yeh, am trying to convince myself.... ).

Anyway, during the break, I managed to finally visit the underwater world in the city. I have visited a few underwater world in a few places/countries but have yet to visit the one nearest to me! I have always wanted to go but just couldn't find the right time.
(well, you know, when things are right infront of your eyes, you will tend to take it for granted)

I love Underwater World. The minute you enter the area, you are like magically transported to another world.  Suddenly life seems to pause for a moment, you seem to be able to take a deep breath and look at things around you and appreciating it.

Very therapeutic isn't it?

Here are a few pics I have downloaded, for your viewing pleasure.
(long post filled with pics ahead. Pls be warned :)

Piranha Red Belly


Elephantnose Fish (can you see their long nose?)

Electric Catfish (it has electrical charge on it's pectoral muscle surrounding almost the entire body)

I dont't know what is this... oppsie

Gorgeous! (it is much much nicer in real life, seriously)

I LOVE this centre piece. If you look closely, there's a very tall tree in the middle surrounded by this tube like aquarium filled with fishes and below it is another pond (which you can't see from the pic). Have not seen this in the other Underwater Worlds I have visited.

Gorgeous isn't it?


Baby Shark

One of my fav. Look at the glowing colours outlining the fish

Can you spot the fish ?
(Hint : It's called Stonefish)

Chambered Nautilus

The cutie Golden Seahorse

Hope you enjoyed the fishes :)
Have you been to an Underwater World ? Any particular one that you would highly recommend?


  1. Thank you for the pictures I love underwater world too :) very pretty

  2. SD-> Glad you like it :)
    Yumeko--> Welcome back to you too . Hope you had a great trip?